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Advancing Our Agenda

Image by Petr Macháček

Resource Call Center

Beacon’s Call Center is the heart of our ministry. Many people call our intake line each week seeking help with financial crises in their lives. The most frequent crises are related to housing; people facing eviction or shut-off of utilities. Some call because they are already homeless. All are seeking help to get through this latest crisis in their lives. These are people who lead crisis-ridden lives because they lack sufficient income to cover living expenses. Frequently, they lack skills in money management and planning ahead, which further complicates their situations. At Beacon they experience something new: not only are they connected with sources of financial help, some of it from Beacon’s Client Assistance Fund, but they also receive help in making a plan to solve their immediate problem. In this way they are able to participate in solving their own problem.

Community Development

Beacon advocates for the poor and needy via involvement in community organizations:

  • Homeless Backbone Committee

  • Community Development Network


Furniture Ministry

Beacon seeks donations of furniture in good condition to distribute to families in need. Requests for furniture are received through the Resource Call Center, and we can schedule a time for the client to pick up the needed furniture.
Donations can be delivered to Beacon’s furniture warehouse at other times by appointment.
NOTE:  Currently, we cannot accept any donations of furniture due to lack of space at the warehouse.  An event is planned soon, after which we may resume accepting gently used furniture. However, due to health concerns, we can no longer accept any used bedding (mattresses or box springs).

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