August 23, 2022 After two years of inactivity, our Trivia Night was a huge success!  We raised over $3000 to help fund our services!

July 27, 2022 We are saddened to report the loss of our good friend and board member, Ray Holden.  Ray passed away the night of June 25.  He was an active advocate for the needy and underserved, serving over the years both with our board and that of the local Salvation Army. His servant spirit will be missed.

Team Meeting

Beacon Ministry

Churches Helping Those in Need

What Is Beacon?

Beacon is like a lighthouse in the midst of dangerous waters, Beacon is the churches of the community coming together to provide a beacon to those who find themselves in those waters. Communities with treacherous coastlines would come together to support the building, upkeep, and services of the community lighthouse. They did this because they wanted to provide a guide for getting back safely on solid ground. In the same way, Beacon provides a beacon of hope and guidance within our community for those who have hit rough waters in their life. The light that any one congregation could provide is limited, but when we come together, the beacon shines brighter and reaches farther into the darkness.

Beacon is churches, businesses, and volunteers joining together to help “Break the Chains of Poverty”. Through our partnerships we provide connections with helping resources, advocacy for the homeless, and furniture for those who need it but cannot afford to buy it.

Beacon’s Values

*Unconditional acceptance of all persons
*All individuals have the capacity to change and grow
*Respect for all religious traditions
*Honor and Foster volunteer action

Beacon’s Mission

To transform lives and communities in response to Jesus’ call to serve “those among us who have the least”

*To connect people in need to services and resources
*To help people break the chains of poverty
*To lead people to communities of faith
*To partner with churches and others in addressing the deeper issues that contribute to poverty and hopelessness



Bringing Change

Image by Petr Macháček

Resource Call Center

For clients needing assistance, call 618-416-4538 Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.

This is the heart of Beacon’s ministry. Assists individuals and families in times of financial crisis. Helps callers make a plan for handling immediate crisis and connections to other needed community services including job placement, food, and clothing.

The Streets

Homeless Outreach

Beacon is a part of larger community efforts to find solutions for those experiencing homelessness in the Belleville area.
We are currently exploring partnerships with The Sanctuary, a daytime drop-in center serving those experiencing homelessness.  Our goal is to begin providing financial literacy training to help those receiving fixed incomes to better manage limited resources.


Furniture Ministry

Beacon seeks donations of furniture in good condition to distribute to families in need.  .
NOTE: Beds are twin or full size only based on supply.
Requests for furniture are received through the Resource Call Center.  Donations can be delivered to Beacon’s furniture warehouse at other times by appointment.